Can light transform a place? Can it bring more life into its heritage? Can the greyish, granitic city celebrate with light its Historical Centre?

After Manobras and Locomotiva, the Historic Centre of Porto will be a place of intervention and inspiration for a new cultural revitalization programme promoted by the municipal company PortoLazer, to be developed between December 2016 and June 2017.

Cofinanced by community funds, within the Norte 2020 Operational Programme, the project finds its inspiration in the 20th anniversary of the Historic Centre of Porto as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is celebrated on December 5th 2016.

Joining a wide range of actions, interventions and installations within the Historical Centre, this programme will be named Alumia (Enlighten), as it is precisely the Light, in its entire spectrum, the main exploration, revelation and transformation tool, providing a new reading and wider meanings of the heritage.

Guided by light, we will invite the public, residents and visitors, to contemplate this exceptional legacy, which has always belonged to the city and its inhabitants, but now belongs to everyone and the Humanity.

In this collective heritage, perhaps unknown even secret to many, several events will be held during the next six months, including 13 installations in the public space, resulting from invitations to artists and collective and, in a second phase, selected by open call. In each case, the light with its wide range of exploration is the source and process of inspiration.

The first moment will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Historic Centre of Porto as a UNESCO World Heritage site on December 5th, with the unveiling of the first six physical installations, which will inhabit (and enlighten) the public space until January 8th 2017.

To the invited artists and creative individuals it was requested that they would value and promote this area, causing a fresh look and different readings upon the heritage and the surrounding landscape.

On December 5th the city will not fade. On this day you are all invited to celebrate, walking through the city and through history, enlightening the memory of our Historic Centre.

Come take a look, contemplate it from a different angle, under a new look, under a new light. Come and watch this new Porto enlighten itself.